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High Blood Pressure

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Also called hypertension, high blood pressure is the most common type of cardiovascular disease. Unfortunately, high blood pressure rarely generates any symptoms, which means you may not realize you have it. Blood pressure is the force at which blood travels inside your blood vessels. But because blood vessels are narrow, too much force can easily damage them, causing complications such as stroke or heart disease.

What does high blood pressure have to do with oral health?

Because the human body is so interconnected, your dentist may be one of the first people to recognize that something is wrong with your health. Bad breath, mouth sores and bleeding gums may be signs of a more serious condition. While these developments don’t necessarily equal high blood pressure, they could be symptoms of other problems. If you notice something seems wrong, ask your dentist for help. Make sure you are visiting your dentist for regular check-ups as well and remember to brush and floss every day.

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