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Dental Health and Lung Disease

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How healthy your teeth and gums are can play a role at times in how well your lung disease is controlled. Cavities and gum disease are due in part to bacterial infection. This infection can spread bacteria to the lungs. Also, some lung disease medicines can have a negative effect on teeth or gums, like increased risk of infection and staining or loss of tooth enamel.

How can I avoid lung problems from dental or gum disease?

Daily oral hygiene can help your teeth and your lungs. You need to deal with the bacteria on your teeth and gums before they can spread to the lungs. Cavities and gum diseases can be prevented by removing the plaque with thorough daily oral hygiene. You have to stick with it, because bacterial plaque starts to build up again within a few hours after being removed.

Is there anything special I should tell my dentist?

Ask your dentist to help you make a prevention plan based on your unique medical and dental health issues. This plan can include:

  • How often to have dental exams and cleanings
  • If any supplemental rinses or medication is advisable
  • How to treat thrush infection if developed
  • How to deal with any dry mouth problems

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