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Dental Hygiene & Education In Carrolton, TX.
managing risk factors of the most common chronic diseases through oral health care and education.

About Us

Welcome to Sheefa Dental

Our goal is to prolong healthy living by managing risk factors of the most common chronic diseases through oral health care and education.

Our Care Philosophy:

Preventing chronic disease is based upon the acquisition of knowledge and skills to effectively reduce risk factors causing these conditions. There is a strong correlation between unmanaged oral health conditions and the development of chronic diseases. We have developed an oral treatment and education program to help patients compromised health and related underlying risk factors to manage chronic disease.


Through education, preventative measures, including oral care instructions, dietary counseling, the introduction of adjunctive dental aids, products, and regular dental cleanings.

Three Phases of Care

Level 1: Pre- condition:
Patients at risk of developing chronic disease due to unmanaged oral health will receive oral health care and instruction to prevent the occurrence of disease. The service is directed at managing related risk factors.
Level 2: During the disease
Management of chronic disease complications with continual oral care instruction, introduction of adjunctive products and professional cleanings designed specifically to meet the patient’s needs.
Level 3: Recovery Phase
Patients will be on a customized recall schedule to maintain recovery and reach optimum levels of health. Ongoing counseling and education will be provided for the individual needs of the patient.

The End Result

Our preventive oral care regimens and services will empower patients to independently maintain oral health with access to ongoing customized care, education about their disease as related to their mouth and access to products to reduce symptoms and aid in recovery. Our goals are to participate in the management of disease through oral health, promote overall health and help our patients get on the road to a healthy and happy life.

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